The plugin can be downloaded from Github and the website of Total Internet Group.



Plugin version 4.20.0 has been released and can be downloaded now!


Plugin version 4.19.0 has been released and is available for download.


A new version of the Magento 1 plugin is to be expected during the second week of August 2018. Aside from some minor bug fixes a new payment method will be introduced: Capayable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the status of my orders in Magento not updated?

    This can have several reasons:

    1. The push settings are incorrect. Check your push settings in the Plaza ( under My Buckaroo -> Websites. Consult the manual for the exact settings. Make sure the push URL starts with "https" if your website has an SSL certificate and thus starts with https. Also keep in mind that if you have multiple websites, each has its own push settings. You can choose your website through the filter at the top right.

    2. Make sure the Secret Key in the Buckaroo Plaza is the same as the Secret Key in your Magento shop. The Secret Key can be found in the Plaza ( under Configuration -> Security -> Secret Key. In Magento it can be found under System -> Configuration -> Buckaroo -> Default configuration (Algemene Instellingen) -> Secret key. Also make sure the Secret Key only contains numbers and letters.

    3. The push is resulting in an error message, for example because of your firewall settings. First of all, look up the transaction in -> Transactions -> Overview. Click on the tab "Log" to check if the push messages are resulting in errors. If the push fails, it will show the HTTP statuscode that we received from your website. This can help to figure out what is causing the push to not be processed.

  • I am trying to integrate AfterPay but my transactions are failing, why?

    The are several reasons that could explain this. First of all, make sure you check the error message in -> Transactions -> Overview -> Click on the transaction. Open the "Betaalpogingen" tab (or "Log" if there is no "Betaalpogingen") to see the error message.

    1. No valid subscription found for service afterpayacceptgiro: the wrong subscription is being used. Change the AfterPay payment method in the plugin settings (Configuration -> System -> Buckaroo -> AfterPay -> Afterpay betaalmethode) to "digiaccept" instead of "acceptgiro".

    2. Error loading credentials: the AfterPay credentials are not (fully) filled in by Buckaroo. This can occur when contracts have not been completed/sent to AfterPay, when you are trying to create a transaction as a customer from Belgium while you only have credentials for Dutch customers (or vice versa), if you are trying to create a live transaction when only test credentials are available, or if you are trying to create a test transaction after the subscription has been set to live in Buckaroo.

    3. Total amount does not match sum of article amount: this most likely requires a different tax setting. Due to all the product prices being sent to Buckaroo and AfterPay, rounding errors can occur. In the Magento backend, go to System -> Configuration -> Tax -> Calculation Settings -> Tax Calculation Method Based On. This option needs to be set to Unit Price.

  • How do I enable PayPal seller protection?

    You can activate PayPal seller protection in your Magento backend through System -> Configuration -> Buckaroo -> PayPal -> Enable advanced options -> set Seller protection enabled to Yes.

    Please note: for some countries the Province/State field is mandatory. This concerns the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and USA

    If you have customers from one of these countries and you enabled seller protection, you should enable the Province/State field for those countries. This can be done through System -> Configuration -> General -> States Options -> State is required for.

  • How do I add a giftcard to the list of available giftcards?

    In your Magento backend, under System -> Configuration -> Buckaroo -> Cadeaukaarten, there is a list of allowed giftcards. This list contains most of the commonly used giftcards, but not all the merchant specific giftcards. If you wish to add a specific giftcard (that Buckaroo supports) to this list, take the following steps:

    1. In your Magento backend, go to System -> Buckaroo Giftcards.

    2. On the right side, choose Add New.

    3. Fill in the Service Code that has been provided to you by Buckaroo. If you do not have this Service Code yet, contact Buckaroo to obtain it. Make sure you don't have any spelling errors in the Service Code, else it will not work.

    4. Fill in a name for this Giftcard.

    5. On the right side, click on Save.

    The giftcard has now been added to the list of allowed giftcards.

    Do not forget to enable it under System -> Configuration -> Buckaroo -> Cadeaukaarten -> Allowed giftcards, or the giftcard will not be shown on the checkout!