The plugin can be found on Github or installed through Composer. The manual can be found here. Further information on this page will follow.



Plugin version 1.8.1 has been released! With added support for Magento 2.2.7, Payconiq and iDEAL Handelsbanken.


Plugin version 1.7.2 has been released and is available for download through Composer!


All tests have been finalized and a release date has been set on monday 23rd of June!


We are still performing some final tests for 2.2.5. We expect to do a release next week.


Magento 2.2.5 is out! A release candidate for the plugin has been made available on Github.

Preparations for the official release are being made and we aim to make it available in the second week of July. This release will probably also include the fixes mentioned in the previous news update.


A new release is to be expected in August 2018. In this release we hope to have addressed some longstanding issues:

- Payment Guarantee: crediting partial invoices with payment fee

- PayPerEmail: correct order status updates

- Afterpay: compatibility PostNL Pakjegemak plugin

- Printing issues with the order and invoice page

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add a giftcard to the list of allowed giftcards?

    In your Magento 2 backend, under Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Buckaroo -> Giftcards, there is a list of allowed giftcards. This list contains most of the commonly used giftcards, but not all the merchant specific giftcards. If you wish to add a specific giftcard (that Buckaroo supports) to this list, take the following steps:

    1. In your Magento 2 backend, go to Stores -> Buckaroo Giftcards (under Other Settings).

    2. On the right side, choose Add New Giftcard.

    3. Fill in the Service Code that has been provided to you by Buckaroo. If you do not have this Service Code yet, contact Buckaroo to obtain it. Make sure you don't have any spelling errors in the Service Code, else it will not work.

    4. Under Label, fill in a name for this Giftcard.

    5. On the right side, click on Save.

    The giftcard has now been added to the list of allowed giftcards.

    Do not forget to enable it under Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Buckaroo -> Giftcards -> Allowed giftcards, or the giftcard will not be shown on the checkout!